Astrology for the soul march 6

March 6, 12222 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast
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Reconcile with loved ones. Dissolve barriers. Loosen bonds and bounds. Escape imprisonment. Banish treachery. Connect to spirit. Find and act in honorable ways. Right wrongs. Heal wounds. Be like Sisyphus and roll that rock up the hill yet one more time, hoping it stays there! Seek justice.

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  7. The March New Moon in Pisces Creates the Perfect Brew For a Little Enchantment;

Sit down with your soul and have a good, deep heart cleansing chat. Go on a mental spiritual pilgrimage by expanding your reading.

Creating a sacred space in your home that is reserved for contemplation and meditation will bring forth a valuable new idea. March brings a fresh wave of opportunities and encounters for Rams, including some promise in your love life. Someone will boost your confidence with their undivided attention and admiration.

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Venus dances with Mars by the end of the month, bringing some much-needed relief from financial woes. This may be in the form of a friend or family member offering you a generous loan in order to settle a stressful debt.

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Image: Supplied. Venus glows in your career zone at the start of the month, providing you with a tempting professional prospect. A lucrative deal or idea for your workplace will get you noticed. Expect a female authority figure to recommend you for a prestigious award, promotion or position.

A vital piece of information may be missing, or something may have become lost in translation. Uranus glides into your sign where it will settle for the next few years. This is an important month of change for Bulls. Even if you are unaware, new seeds are being sown. Purge what is no longer necessary, useful or valued in your life, including stale relationships.

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  • Mercury, your planetary ruler, reverses backwards in your professional sphere. Hold off signing contracts or negotiations until next month, where possible. If there are things which cannot wait and must be attended to now, check the fine print with caution. Small details can be easily missed. Uranus enters your sector of review, in the first week of March, encouraging you to eliminate dead wood and cleanse yourself of negative relationships.

    This will create an energetic empty space which invites fresh possibilities. The full Moon appears in your love zone on March 21, sparking romance. Singles can expect someone new to catch their eye, drawing them into a promising relationship. Taken Geminis can anticipate a further step towards commitment, possibly involving financial undertones.

    ‎StarLady-Soul-Reader: Forecast for March , on Apple Podcasts

    Cancer Source:BodyAndSoul. The new Moon illuminates your travel zone on March 7, breaking the monotony of your usual routine. A mini-vacay or a quick trip out of town provides a small escape. Distant lands beckon and if untethered, consider moving interstate or overseas. Accept any opportunities offered, as a grand adventure awaits Crabs yearning for a sea change. A loan, debt or an inheritance may come under scrutiny. Stand your ground and fight for what is rightfully yours.

    The bounds of friendship are tested when an acquaintance or bestie crosses the line between platonic love and romantic attraction. You may want to retreat from the world due to feelings of inadequacy.

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    It does no good to compare yourself to others; you are on your own path. Leo Source:BodyAndSoul. The Sun dances with Pluto in your health zone, providing a boost of vitality. Slay wellbeing goals this month. Go on a health kick by starting a fitness routine and really sticking to it.

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    • Introduce more fruit, vegetables and whole grains into your diet. A little effort will soon see you rocking the rewards. Venus sails into your relationship sector this month, lighting up your romantic potentials. Singles enjoy plenty of red-hot dates, almost as if someone has set the swipe right dial into overdrive. Couples celebrate an important milestone or simply savour a precious memory. Money management may become a bit messy as you fight your way through a pile of receipts and statements.

      Be patient as financial order should be restored by next month. Virgo by Natasha Weber.

      Intuitive Astrology: March New Moon 12222

      The full Moon illuminates your money zone on March 21, opening up your eyes to a partnership or friendship that has become a bottomless well of financial expenditure. The Universe may dish out a reprimand that will get you back on track as you choose between the high road and the low road. Mars enters your career sector this month, giving you a shove up the ladder of success. Expect to achieve recognition in the workplace such as an encouraging comment, award or even a position of greater authority. The new Moon on March 7 provides a revamp.

      A flagging relationship will be given a kick up the backside as either you or your partner needs to expend more effort. If you want to build your own personal relationship Utopia, a little nurturing is required.

      New Moon Meaning

      Mercury slides backwards in your wellbeing sphere, soon followed by the new Moon on March 7. Reassess your exercise regime and consider how you can improve your get-up-and-go. Increasing your output without overreaching your physical reserves is key. Open your eyes to an unsatisfactory situation which you have been tolerating for too long.